Need4Health Platform COVID-19

Need4Health Platform COVID-19

The current health crisis requires an urgent response to meet the needs of health professionals and patients. These needs will evolve quickly and it is necessary that companies and organizations focus on finding solutions to be implemented quickly but also on innovation projects likely to bring a positive impact both to the current crisis and to post-crisis, which will represent another major challenge.

Main goals?

Give visibility to health professionals, gather sources and information. Make every effort to understand their needs.
Create maximum synergies and links based on the information gathered between healthcare professionals and companies and organizations providing solutions.

How it works?

Need4Health is a platform that identifies companies (mainly Walloon) providing solutions with positive impact on COVID-19 crisis management and health professionals who have new urgent needs for equipment or services to deal with the health crisis.

– SOLUTIONS : Does your company or organization also have a solution that could be useful? Fill out the form on the Need4Health platform!
– NEEDS : Are you a healthcare professional in need of immediate help and support in managing the COVID-19 crisis? Fill out the form on the Need4Health platform!

This platform is an action implemented by the WeLL, Walloon e-health Lab of the Pôle Mecatech, within the framework of Medtech Wallonia and supported by various public actors.

How to register on the platform?